Registry FAQs

1. What is the Registry?

Your Registry allows you to record confidential information and access it securely from anywhere in the world. You can register your payment cards, mobile phone numbers, financial accounts, insurance policies and other important documents.

2. Why should I trust my personal and confidential information to MyIdentityAssist?

MyIdentityAssist's secure technology is trusted by over 500,000 Canadians and most major Canadian banks and we take every security standard to protect your data. As part of our standard development process we complete code and application scans with annual penetration testing. Our systems have network monitors in place and are vendor supported, audited and patched regularly. Our site uses email verification upon registration and 2 factor security questions to ensure you are who you say you are when you log in from a new device.
MyIdentityAssist specifically does not send data to other 3rd parties for the purposes of direct-to consumer marketing or loan solicitation like others do.

3. Does MyIdentityAssist monitor all the information in my Registry?

No, MyIdentityAssist can only help monitor and protect your registered payment cards or your mobile phone(s). Enter your mobile phone number(s) and the numbers of the credit or debit cards you want to safeguard, and MyIdentityAssist will scan the Internet and notify you if a potential match is found.

4. Is there a limit to the number of cards or documents I can register?

No, there is no limit to the number of cards or documents you can register with MyIdentityAssist.

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