Internet Profile FAQs

1. What is my internet profile?

Your internet profile provides a snapshot of how your personal information appears online. If MyIdentityAssist detects potentially fraudulent usage of your personal information online (including credit card number and name with date of birth), we will contact you by email or phone so you can take immediate action.

2. How long is my internet profile available for?

Your current internet profile will be available for one month and will then be replaced with a new internet profile.

3. Can I view a history of my internet profiles?

MyIdentityAssist does not keep archives of internet profiles, so if you would like to keep a record, please download each report you receive.

4. What should I do if MyIdentityAssist detects my card number, name or date of birth online?

If you receive an email alert notifying you of suspicious online activity, immediately contact the website in question and have your personal information removed. MyIdentityAssist can only monitor your personal information, but cannot request its removal on your behalf.

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