We've got you covered from every angle.


Ensuring It's You

Using the latest technology, MyIdentityAssist sweeps the Internet to check how your information appears on public internet sites. Receive alerts via email and/or text and review monthly customized reports. And remember, no news is good news.

Protecting Payment Cards

Register your payment cards with MyIdentityAssist and receive exclusive card protection services that help detect fraudulent activities. You will receive notifications by email and/or text if MyIdentityAssist detects any suspicious behaviour.

Travel Notifications

Record your travel plans and the cards you plan to use, and let MyIdentityAssist do the rest. You’ll receive confirmation that your card issuers were notified on your behalf, so you'll have one less thing to worry about while away.


Lost credit card? Move pre-authorized payments to a new one.

Register your cell number and we can tell providers that it’s lost or stolen.

Record vital document information for access anytime, anywhere.

Keep bills and subscriptions with our change of address service.

Don’t miss out on another date or task with date reminder services.

Step-by-step identity restoration services for fraud victims.

Alerts placed with the credit bureau if fraud occurs.

Free replacement cheques to help cover the costs of fraud.

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